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steel industry





MAAC HYDRAULIC has specialized and has a long experience in design and realization of hydraulic cylinders used in steel industry


Hydraulic cylinders for rows of rolling mills (steel, stainless steel, etc. …) and specific sets Skin Pass.

Hydraulic cylinders for oven doors opening (heat treatment before, during or after rolling).

Hydraulic cylinders for moving large furnaces for heat treatment on rolling mills line.




Thousands of Hydraulic cylinders with well-known disignation in the profession have been designed, manufactured and been installed by MAAC HYDRAULIC in all industrial sites:




ROTAMAAC (rotating hydraulic cylinder)

SERVOMAAC (interlock hydraulic cylinder )

TRANSMAAC (with integrated sensor)

AUTONOME (with integrated hydraulic unit )

SWIVEL JOINT (feeding of Rotamaac)

VERIN A JOINT TOURNANT (Hydraulic cylinder with swivel joint)









cement industry



MAAC HYDRAULIC equips the hydraulic systems of cement industry and has a special expertise for the powerful hydraulic cylinders destine to pre-crushers and vertical crushers.










Special machines



Tunnelling machines :



The tunnelling machines are equipped with many hydraulic cylinders designed to operate in difficult conditions of shocks and vibrations. Those hydraulic cylinders fulfill different functions




Pushing hydraulic cylinders

Erecting hydraulic cylinders

Articulation hydraulic cylinders






Test bench:



hydraulic cylinders of high capacity and high-power able to give very significant efforts in pulling or pushing or by combining both movements. :













Compactor: :







Hydraulic cylinders are used in the activities related to environment, for example, in waste Compactors (including big industrial waste)