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MAAC HYDRAULIC quality commitment is based on its manufacturer's guarantee which can be appreciated by: :



Dimensional inspection validating perfect compliance to overall dimension approved by customer when drawing submitted with calculation notes to be approved before manufacturing;

60 years of MAAC HYDRAULIC expertise implementation applied to internal dimension, to adjustments, to materials choice, to thermal and surface protection treatments as well as to tightness;

Continuous practices adjustment of manufacturing personnel and their validation by technical certification;

Operating implementation of each hydraulic cylinder manufactured with testing pressure (1.5 to 2 times intended use pressure) and with use pressure;

Setting up and remittance at delivery per hydraulic cylinder of a complete technical file



Most of the time, issuing and obtaining the test certificate per hydraulic cylinder, is done in the presence and with the participation of a third party controller who countersigned the PV.


This controller belonging to international control agencies as: BUREAU VERITAS, APAVE or SOCOTEC