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Network of Partners//



Industrial Partners



Surface treatment


Nickel coating (chemical and electrolyte)

Chromium coating

Different ceramics coating (depending on the environment)






With CETIM (Technical Center of Mechanical Industries), FIM (Federation of Mechanical Industries) and professional unions: AMICS and ARTEMA, MAAC HYDRAULIC have a help for increasing is competitiveness, participate in standardization, making the link between scientific research and industry, access to advances in technology and to assistance for improving performance and quality.





Laboratories with which we have signed university-industry contracts are UBO (University Britain Ouest) the ENSTA (Higher National School of Advanced Techniques) of Brest.





Institutional and financial partners


With our financial partners on a daily basis: Banks And our partners for the medium term: Capital investment: BRETAGNE PARTICIPATIONS and OUEST CROISSANCE, we structure the company to give it the means to develop in its market.